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What Goes into a Modular Home?

You may find yourself asking “what’s a modular home, and what makes it better than a home that’s built on-site?”

Your first advantage is that it is much, much faster to build a modular home versus traditional building methods. Modular homes are built indoors, in factory environments. There are no delays due to rain, snow, or other adverse conditions, so constructing the elements of your home will always occur on a set schedule. 

This lends itself to another advantage – your home will last longer. Because your home is built in a climate-controlled environment, its structural members will never be exposed to bad weather. Moisture will never infiltrate your insulation or touch your support beams, meaning that they’ll last that much longer once your home has been assembled. 

Finally, building a modular home is much less expensive. We’re able to purchase materials on a wholesale basis from suppliers that are always close to our factories, enabling us to save a lot of money when it comes to supplies. We’re then able to pass that savings onto you, the customer – making it that much easier for you to move into your dream home. 

Want to learn more about how modular homes are built? Watch the video below, then come to our showroom and talk to an associate today!

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